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CPI Titles Available Full-text from Publishers

*Coverage may be complete or only select issues/articles

Journal Title URL Fulltext Coverage
Affirmation & Critique 1996+ (PDF) (Current issue limited to the first pages of the main articles.)
Africanus Journal 2009+ (PDF)
Alliance Life 1882+ (PDF)
American Church Magazine December 2012+ (PDF)
Answers July 2006+
Asbury Journal 2006+ (PDF)
Asbury Theological Journal 2001-2005 (PDF)
Assemblies of God Heritage 1981+ (PDF)
Bible Translator Sample issue only
Books & Culture select, 1995+
Burning Bush 1995+ (PDF)
Christian Computing Magazine November 2012+ (PDF)
Christian Educators Journal 2010+
Christian Higher Education Sample issue only
Christian History 1982+ (PDF)
Christian Library Journal 1995+ (PDF)
Christian Reflection 2001+ (PDF)
Christian Research Journal select articles only
Christian School Education 2013+ (v.17+)
Christian Standard May 15, 2005+ (can search for articles back to March 2, 2003)
Churchman select, 1933+ (PDF)
Concordia Journal current issue
Concordia Journal 2011+
Conspectus 2006+ (PDF)
Creation Research Society Quarterly select, 1975+
Creator May 2011+
Decision July 2004+
Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal Spring 1996+
Didache : Faithful Teaching 2001+ (PDF)
Dulia et Latria Journal 2008+ (PDF)
East-West Church & Ministry Report 1993 - 2005, 2006+ (PDF)
Eleutheria 2010+ (PDF)
Englewood Review of Books select articles and reviews only
Evangelical Missions Quarterly select articles only
Faith & Form select articles only
Faith Today 2009+
Family and Community Ministries 2012+ (PDF) (registration for free subscription required)
Founders Journal 1990+ (PDF)
Gospel Advocate select articles only
Group : The Youth Ministry Magazine select articles only
Holiness Today 1999+
Image : A Journal of Arts and Religion select, 1989+
InSite sample issue (PDF)
Integrite Fall 2012+
International Bulletin of Missionary Research 1950+ (includes previous titles Occasional Bulletin of the Missionary Research Library and Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research)
Interreligious Insight select, 2003+
Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood 1995+ (includes previous title CMBW News)
Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament 2012+
Journal of Biblical Integration in Business 1995+ (PDF)
Journal of Christian Nursing select, 2004+ (PDF)
Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages 2000+ (PDF) (Articles are available 3 years after being published in print.)
Journal of Creation select, 1984+ (PDF) (Includes previous titles)
Journal of Southern Religion 1998+
Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care select articles only
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 1958+ (PDF) (Articles are available 2 years after being published in print. Includes previous title.)
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society 1988+
Just Between Us select, 2009+
Leadership article previews available, 1980+
Leaven 1990+ (PDF)
Master's Seminary Journal 1990+ (PDF)
Media Development 2006+ (PDF) (Most recent issue available only to members.)
Mennonite 2002+ (PDF)
Mennonite Quarterly Review select, 1997+ (PDF)
Midwestern Journal of Theology 2003+ (PDF)
Modern Reformation select articles only
Perspectives : A Journal of Reformed Thought 2003+
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 1949+ (PDF)
Pneuma Review 1998+
Prism July 2011+
Remuda Review 2003+
Renewing Minds 2012+ (PDF)
Social Work and Christianity sample articles only
Sojourners 1994+
Spiritus free sample only
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism 1996+
Teaching with Compassion, Competence, Commitment 2007+ (PDF)
Theological Librarianship 2008+ (PDF)
Thriving Family 2009+
Touchstone select, 1986+ (PDF)
Transformation : An International Evangelical Dialogue on Mission and Ethics sample issue only
Trinity Journal sample articles only
Wesleyan Life 2013+ (PDF)
Wesleyan Theological Journal 1966+ (Articles available 5 years after being published)
Westminster Theological Journal select articles only
Witness : Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education 1985+ (PDF)
World 1996+
World Vision 2005+ (PDF)
Youthworker select articles only

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