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CPI Titles Available Full-text from Publishers

*Coverage may be complete or only select issues/articles

Journal Title URL Fulltext Coverage
Journal TitleURLFulltext Coverage
Affirmation & Critique (PDF) (Current issue limited to the first pages of the main articles.)
Africanus Journal (PDF)
Alliance Academic Review, 1995-2000
Alliance Life (PDF)
American Church Magazinehttp://www.theamericanchurchmag.comDecember 2012 - 2015 (PDF)
Answers 2006+
Asbury Journal (PDF)
Asbury Theological Journal (PDF)
Assemblies of God Heritage (PDF)
Bible Study Magazine 2014+
Bible Translatorhttp://tbt.sagepub.comSample issue only
Books & Culture, 1995+
Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology (PDF)
Burning Bush (PDF)
Canadian Journal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity (PDF)
Christian Business Review
Christian Computing Magazine 2012 - May 2015 (PDF)
Christian Educators Journal
Christian Higher Education issue only
Christian History (PDF)
Christian History (PDF)
Christian Librarian (PDF)
Christian Library Journal (PDF)
Christian Research Journal articles only
Christian School Education (v.17+)
Christian Standardhttp://www.christianstandard.comMay 15, 2005+ (can search for articles back to March 2, 2003)
Churchman, 1933+ (PDF)
Concordia Journal issue
Concordia Journal
Conspectus (PDF)
Creation Research Society Quarterly, 1975+
Creation Social Sciences and Humanities Quarterly articles only
CT Pastorshttp://ctpastors.com2016+ (free registration required)
Decision 2004+
Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal 1996+
Didache : Faithful Teaching (PDF)
Discerner articles only
East-West Church & Ministry Report - 2005, 2006+ (PDF)
Englewood Review of Bookshttp://erb.kingdomnow.orgselect articles and reviews only
Eruditio Ardescens (PDF)
Evangelical Missions Quarterly articles only
Faith & Formhttp://faithandform.comselect articles only
Faith Today
Family and Community Ministrieshttp://www.familyandcommunityministries.org2012+ (PDF) (registration for free subscription required)
Founders Journal (PDF)
Gospel Advocate articles only
Group : The Youth Ministry Magazine articles only
Holiness Todayhttp://www.holinesstoday.org1999+
ICCTE Journal (PDF)
Image : A Journal of Arts and Religion, 1989+
InSite issue (PDF)
Integrite 2012+
International Bulletin of Missionary Researchhttp://www.internationalbulletin.org1950+ (includes previous titles Occasional Bulletin of the Missionary Research Library and Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research)
Interreligious Insight, 2003+
Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (includes previous title CMBW News)
Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testamenthttp://jesot.org2012+
Journal of Biblical Integration in Business (PDF)
Journal of Christian Nursing, 2004+ (PDF)
Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages (PDF) (Articles are available 3 years after being published in print.)
Journal of Contemporary Theological Studies
Journal of Creation, 1984+ (PDF) (Includes previous titles)
Journal of Inductive Bible Studies (PDF)
Journal of Southern Religionhttp://jsr.fsu.edu1998+
Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care articles only
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (PDF) (Articles are available 2 years after being published in print. Includes previous title.)
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Journal of Virtues & Leadership (PDF)
Just Between Us, 2009+
Leadership previews available, 1980+
Leaven (PDF)
Logos and Pneuma (PDF) -- Articles in Chinese; English abstracts at end of articles
Master's Seminary Journal (PDF)
Media Development (PDF) (Most recent issue available only to members.)
Mennonite (PDF)
Mennonite Quarterly Review, 1997+ (PDF)
Midwestern Journal of Theology (PDF)
Ministry Tech Magazine 2015+ (PDF)
Pentecostal Educator (PDF)
Perichoresis (PDF)
Perspectivas 2001+ (PDF)
Perspectives : A Journal of Reformed Thought
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (PDF)
Priscilla Papers (Articles available 2 years after being published)
Prism 2011+
Providencewww.providencemag.comselect articles only
Puritan Reformed Journal (PDF)
Remuda Review
Renewing Minds (PDF)
Social Work and Christianity articles only
Spiritus sample only
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
Teaching with Compassion, Competence, Commitment (PDF)
Theological Librarianship (PDF)
Thriving Family
Touchstone, 1986+ (PDF)
Transformation : An International Evangelical Dialogue on Mission and Ethics issue only
Trinity Journal articles only
Wesleyan Life (PDF)
Wesleyan Theological Journal (Articles available 5 years after being published)
Westminster Theological Journal articles only
Witness : Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education (PDF)
Word and Deed (PDF)
World Vision (PDF)
World Vision (PDF)
Youthworkerhttp://www.youthworker.comselect articles only

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